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Split Second 2, what Disney took

Most of us will agree that the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 generation left us with two car games that deserved more: Blur and Split Second. The latter was basically Michael Bay: The Video Game, with vehicles that had the ability to activate traps and explosions that destroyed rivals and stages, completely changing the circuit as we raced. Most importantly, at the end of the game we would see a “To be continued …” message, but it never did.

Split Second took us to a kind of extreme television show where these brutal races served to entertain the public. Split Second 2 seemed to take a different tack, with a more cinematic approach, focused on different movies – or different sequences of the same – that would allow developers to create tests with totally different themes and imagine scenarios without the limits of an abandoned city.

In fact, Split Second 2 was going to have an adventurous touch, which even allowed the player to get off the vehicle at some very specific moments. The absolute priority would continue to be the races, the destruction and the spectacle, but there would be more narrative, sequences on foot and, as we say, that staging closer to a spy movie than to a television program like the one in first delivery. All these clues give us a glimpse of the inclusion of a possible story mode in which all these tests would be linked under the pretext of creating the definitive action movie.

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