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Christopher Uckermann focuses on music and shows his most personal side

Mexico City, Aug 29 (EFE News) .- Christopher Uckermann has found in music the best way to express his personality and his thoughts, that is why now the former RBD member is fully returning to the industry with his single “Heal together.” .

“I feel that people know me 5% of who I am, when I play characters it is different, but let’s say that when interpreting me it is the closest thing to who I am and my messages,” says the singer and actor in an interview with Efe. Mexican.

“Heal together” is the newly released song by the actor from “Diablero” (2018) and with which he reconnected with his musical side that he has experienced since he was a child and acted in soap operas.

“It is an issue that speaks of unity in the global sphere because even though we are living through strong moments, we have to move forward and everything will be fine,” he says.

The lyrics were born in English, his second language, and with it, in addition to wanting to make his music more accessible to his followers from all over the world, he also hopes to open up a new market.


In his solo musical project, Uckermann has always sought to have total freedom when it comes to experimenting with rhythms, sounds, and even speech.

“There are no more rules, I feel at the time of experimenting. I have achieved freedom as an independent artist because when you are with a label you have to look a little more at what exists in the market, ”he says.

In that sense, the series of songs that he will continue to work on the rest of the year will focus on not so commercial sounds, such as funk, daring bases that he has not tried and instruments in which he seeks to continue developing his skills. .

“All the compositions are coming from the piano and I want to continue growing in that and also vocally,” he points out.

On the lyrics of his songs, Christopher anticipates that he not only intends to use English, but will also release songs in Spanish.

In addition, in them he will continue to talk about spirituality, an area that he explores a lot in his day to day life.

“I like metaphysics and everything that talks about how the universe was created, without getting into religions, but I like to know part of the spiritual world and part of that is reflected in my music,” he says.

While the singer has had to balance his career as an actor and as a musician, the covid pandemic has given him the opportunity to look inward and focus on the most musical part of him.

“It is a challenge to be in two races and now with everything that has happened, my life has been redirected and I have not been on a set of recordings for a year and a half, so I decided to get into music,” he says.

However, he has pending the premiere of the film “The country of the last things”, a film in which he departs a bit from commercial projects and that due to the pandemic saw its path truncated in international film festivals.

“I’m interested in starting to get into roles that demand a lot more of me, but now I’m very into music, although if an interesting acting project comes along, I would do it,” says Christopher.

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